In order to maintain GACs high quality standards, there is both a process for entry into GAC, and another process for becoming a full Artisan.

GAC Entry

If you’re interested in becoming an Artisan send an e-mail to A�Please include the place where you live in your e-mail, so we can make sure the appropriate Chapter contacts you.A�You should hear back from your local Chapter shortly to let you know when the next game night is.

Game Night

Come game night, the other members of the Chapter will be interested in playing your game, and providing you feedback on the game. The quality of the prototype is of secondary concern. What we’re looking for is someone who is open to receiving feedback.

During game night you will also be expected to play the games from other members of the Chapter. When each game is complete, share your feedback with the designer. What we’re looking for is someone who is willing to help make someone else’s game better.

Do not be discouraged if at the end of your first game night you haven’t received an invitation into GAC. Your evaluation as a fit in GAC will occur over the course of multiple game nights. A�Your local Chapter will ask to play your game again, after you get a chance to make some updates to it. What this shows us is both your dedication to quality game design, and your ability to not only listen to feedback, but also to act on it.

If you are invited to join GAC, you will be invited to join as a Journeyman. A�An invitation to join GAC is left at the discretion of your local chapter.

From Journeyman to Artisan

The process from Journeyman to Artisan is customized to each Journeyman. In order to complete this process, you must demonstrate 2 things: A cultural fit in your local chapter, a game of your design that has been designated as ‘Gamma’ by both your local chapter AND by an external chapter.

To put it simply, a ‘Gamma’ level game is ready to be shown to a publisher. A�A ‘Gamma’ level game flows well, and only very minor tweaks are still being made. Not only must your game be at a ‘Gamma’ level, but your rulebook will also be reviewed to ensure that it’s at a ‘Gamma’ level as well!

Once both of these requirements have been met satisfactorily you will be promoted to full Artisan status.

As an Artisan

As an Artisan, you will share in the responsibility of helping to guide Journeymen on their path to becoming an Artisan, as well as helping to guide and direct the Game Artisans of Canada as a full voting member of the organization.