Project Description

Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Chapter: OTTAWA
GAC status: Artisan
Date Joined: August 2010

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I was born in Hull, Québec, in 1978, back when there was such a city. I have lived in the Ottawa-Gatineau region for most of the years since then. Living with me currently are a son (age 8), a step-son (age 17), a wife (age undisclosed), in addition to two dogs and three cats (ages unimportant). I foster orphan squirrels once or twice a year, and give them names heavy with portent to prepare them for life in the wild.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and another in Education. I have a college degree in Cooking. Unsurprisingly, I have worked as a baker, a cook, and a middle-school teacher. I currently work for the Department of National Defence managing materiel. Game design is a secondary occupation but a primary interest.  Other hobbies include illustration, thrifting, and participating vicariously in the skeptical movement.

I was initiated to game design by the time-honoured tradition of making fan-expansions to existing games, primarily Arkham Horror (the Chaosium edition), the Mythos CCG, and various RPGs (Call of Cthulhu, The Morrow Project, “original” creations). I moved on to making terrible, unoriginal games in the style of Arkham Horror and Talisman, and art projects disguised as games. Playability was not a concern in this naïve era. I drifted away from game design for a half-dozen years. I returned to it after reacquainting myself with eurogames, and made the acquaintance of the Game Artisans of Canada not long after that.


Blueprints BOX
 Publisher: Z-Man Games
 Year: 2013
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Northwest Passage
 Publisher: Matagot
 Year: 2013

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Top This
 Publisher: Uniforge
Year: 2014

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