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Location: North Vancouver, BC
Chapter: Vancouver
GAC status: Artisan
Date Joined: March 2009

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I’m Canadian. I grew up in Ontario, in a small town near Ottawa. I am currently living in British Columbia with my common-law wife, our son, and two step-daughters. I have a degree in Computer Science, and spent a few years working in that field, but I currently work in a warehouse for a furniture company because it’s just so much less taxing. I spend much of my time, when I am not working or looking after the kids, reading. Once or twice a month, I try to meet-up with members of the local Chapter of the Game Artisans of Canada to help play-test their games. I enjoy getting a chance to try fresh designs, offer feedback, and try to help develop the games as much as I can. It’s nice to spend some time with creative, passionate, and intelligent adults, working in a field that captivates my interest.

My gaming background was relatively sparse, prior to joining BGG. I infrequently played many of the main stream board games (the usual suspects: Monopoly, Clue, yadda, yadda) but mostly I played standard deck card games (primarily Euchre, Cribbage, and Poker) and a fair amount of Chess. I had, and have, a fairly extensive knowledge of standard deck card games thanks to my obsessive scouring of over the years (and my more recent scourings of BGG), but my experience of playing the games was far less than I would have liked until after finding BGG and, subsequently, a wide circle of gamers in the Ottawa region I’d had no idea existed up to then.

I discovered BGG while trying to find more information about two player card games. I then did what I tend to call “a deep dive” into the hobby; when I find something of interest, I become very focused on learning about it and my deep dives are like dipping my mind into as much information on the topic as I can find and digest as quickly as possible and for as long as my interest sustains me. I tend to think of it like being a pearl diver: you go down as deep and as far as you can before your breath runs out. Essentially, I was doing a dive on researching card games, the tunnel of focus that led me to develop Haggis, and that led me into a tangential dive – this time into a much bigger pool than I had ever suspected. In fact, I’m still swimming in this research pool of hobby gaming and design, though I’m spending more time in shallower waters since I think I have a fairly good grasp of the past and current state of gaming at this point.


Haggis Box
 Publisher: Indie Boards & Cards
 Year: 2010
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